Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh, Hail!

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This was supposed to post yesterday, but I messed up the scheduling. Oops!

Anyhoo, I was whining last week about the hail storm we got here in Colorado so I thought I'd share pictures. I wish I had some before pictures...of course, pre-hail I kept thinking, "I should take some pictures of the yard. It's looking so good!" Too late now.

The damage to our backyard in no way compares to the loss those hit by hurricanes or tornados or floods experience, but it did give me a tiny glimpse into the desolation I would guess they feel.

The hail broke chunks off my square pot.

Look at the leaves littering the patio.

This poor Black-eyed Susan was stripped of its leaves. Amazingly the one next to it didn't suffer as much damage.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Wait! It's June!

This is one of the golf ball size hail stones my children "salvaged" and put in our freezer (see below).

I do have to say the storm gave me a nice little creative burst. It inspired a scene in my vineyard manuscript!

The following morning my husband and I were having coffee before he left for work like we always do. We were wandering the yard, feeling a bit sick to our stomachs, when we noticed four house finch babies hanging out in our lilacs, cheeping and chittering like crazy. It made me smile in a circle-of-life kind of way. My plants will grow back and rebloom and, in the meantime, the neighborhood birds will still hang out in our backyard.

Have you ever lived through a crazy storm? What was it like? Were you able to find good things before, during or after?


Chiron said...

Wow! Crazy stuff there, Tiffany. Those hail stones are scary-big!

I have seen some crazy storms in my time. In So. Cal. a wind storm knocked down a palm tree in the courtyard of the apartment complex. Yikes! Here in Ashland, I've seen two.

The first one, I had woken up because my roomie had made some kind of startled yell from below. I ran down the stairs thinking he'd hurt himself in the middle of the night and was shocked to see water flooding in from the back patio. Since our door was a foot from the ground that was some flood! I ran around pounding on neighbor's doors and called the manager to give him warning. He alerted the fire department and they spent the evening sandbagging the area.

In our home here, hubby and I had a snowstorm that first knocked out the power and then we heard a loud CRACK! The top of a tree had shattered from the weight of the snow, falling a mere inch from our deck window. It could have taken out the roof if it had been closer.

Now I feel lucky though because we DON'T have golf-ball sized hail! *chuckle* It's all a matter of perspective, it seems.

Wishing you a nicely recovered garden. *grin*


Tiffany James said...


Wow! You have seen some crazy storms. We've lost power a couple times but never dealt with floods or fallen tree bits.

Like you said - it's all a matter of perspective!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week.