Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Finally Here - RomCon!

Okay, ladies. You've guessed and waited and now the day is finally here. I can announce the amazing new venture in which I'm involved...

RomCon - Where Romance Rules!! Its like ESPN for romance readers - all romance, all the time!

We just launched our website on October 1st. Come by and check it out: It's packed full with information a romance reader needs: upcoming releases, blogs from your favorite authors, events. You can rate your favorite bookstores, review sites and authors websites. You'll also find all of the details about our published authors contest, The Reader's Crown, and our first annual RomCon - a fan convention for romance readers!

That's right - a convention just for readers. I'm soooo excited! Hope to see you all there checking it out.

I had to choose two winners, because both answers were correct! The winners of the $10 Borders Gift Cards are:




Send me a quick email and I'll get your gift cards headed your way!



Dina said...

thanks Tiffany, will make if a fav site also. I'll also add it to my favs on my blog:

usually I'm not late, butemail on the way. :)