Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top Ten Reason I Love RomCon

This Friday the fun starts at RomCon, a romance and women's fiction convention. For those of us who are volunteering, the fun starts tomorrow.

In celebration of one of my favorite events of the year, here are my top ten reasons I love RomCon:

10. The Pre-Convention Excitement - I've been anticipating this for months!

9. The Post-Convention Glow - I'll still be excited for months to come!

8. The Readers Crown - The contest where readers get to have their say.

7. The Sessions - These aren't your corporate sessions, peeps. Buckle up! It's going to be a raucous ride (as in: wild, crazy and FUN)!

6. The Laughter - Don't do your crunches this week...your stomach will be sore when the weekend is through.

5. The Special Events - Build-A-Hero, Special Ops Track (a whole track!), Monsters & More Seme-Charades, Intimate Chats, Author Panels, Author-Hosted Teas, Luau, Wild West Dinner, Chocolate Mangasm, Smalltown-ville, Victorian Fashion Show, Caught Dead Game...I could fill an entire blog post with Special Events. Be there or...

4. The Late Nights - Yeah, don't plan on getting much sleep. You won't.

3. The Goody Room - Packed with bookmarks, postcards, excerpt booklets, a plethora of creative and unique swag, and books. My heart flutters at the thought!

2. The Authors - Need I say more?

1. The Readers ( aka New-found Friends) - The most amazingly fun, enthusiastic, and of course, well-read group around!

So, bring on the Con! See you there...

For more information about RomCon, visit their website: