Monday, June 30, 2008

Book Trailers

Current Read: Fantasy Lover...still, but I am almost done! It is awesome!

Don't forget to comment in order to be entered into the drawing for a signed copy of Heart Thief by Robin D. Owens. Check out her interview here.

Here are a couple of book trailers for you viewing pleasure. Let me know what you think! I am really curious to learn if trailers affect whether readers purchase the book...

Here is a trailer from Cindi Myers.

Here is the trailer for the new release from Nina Bangs, Eternal Pleasure.

This isn't a book trailer but I thought it was hilarious. It makes me proud to be a member of the romance community...where we don't take ourselves too seriously!


COS Productions said...

I love the Nina Bangs video a lot and it's gotten a great deal of hits across the net.

I love any of the funny videos too.

I think all of the videos were good!

Tiffany James said...

COS Productions,

Thanks for the comment. I think book trailers are so much fun and it's going to be interesting to watch their affect on the industry!