Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Book Blockbusters and Where, Oh Where Have the Book Trailers Gone?

Current Read: Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon...yeah, yeah, I know this is only book #1 of the Dark Hunter series and I am supposed to read all 23 by the end of July...I'm a little slow getting out of the starting gate, but once I get going - look out!

Don't forget that you only have until midnight tonight to enter the contest for a signed copy of Lynda Hilburn's Vampire Shrink!

My intention when I started blogging today was to post more book trailers, but I'm having trouble finding them! Any suggestions? Where can I find them? I know they are out there. I'm just not looking in the right place!

Summer is blockbuster movie season. Is it also blockbuster book time? I've heard a lot of buzz about some beach reads but otherwise I don't feel like this time of year is hyped any differently in the romance novel world than any other. What do you think?

And now, a little preview of what is coming up in the next few weeks...

Wednesdays are looking amazing! This week we have RITA award winning author Robin D. Owens. She is on deadline this week yet she still took a moment to be interviewed! Then starting July 2nd it is going to look like the Scottish Highlands around Armchair Heroines! Melissa Mayhue will be our guest for a progressive interview over three Wednesdays. Each week you can comment to win one of her Highland Guardian books. At the end of July, I am thrilled to announce that we will be featuring our first author from across the pond. Lindsay Townsend is a historical romance author based in England. We will be talking about her book, A Knight's Vow, and of course, giving away a signed copy!

So, as you can see, there is lots happening here at Armchair Heroines. Be sure to add us to your blog reader or subscribe! And don't forget to comment...let your voice be heard.


COS Productions said...

Here are a couple of places to find book trailers-

Hope that helps!

Tiffany James said...

COS Productions,

Thanks for the links. That is very helpful!


BTW, if any of you are romance writers as well as readers, check out COS (Circle of Seven) Productions' website at They have a stellar client list, including many romance authors!

Tiffany James said...

Sorry in my last comment I forgot to mention that COS Productions is a book trailer production company!

Tiffany :0)