Friday, July 25, 2008

Contest Winner & Friday Fiction

Current Read: He of the Fiery Sword by Skhye Moncrief

Congratulations to this week's contest winner...


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Thanks to everyone who participated in this week's contest and a special thank you to Lizzie T. Leaf for being our "Word Wizard"!

Here are some links to excerpts of upcoming releases:

Courting Trouble by Renee Knowles

Lord Anthony Darby is determined to marry a wife with an exemplary reputation. Then he sees his childhood companion, gorgeous, scandalous, Lily Kennyon again. And all he wants is her in his bed. He decides to avoid her. Until her father makes him an irresistible offer: he'll sponsor Anthony's entry into an exclusive club, if Anthony will accompany his outcast daughter to society events. Can Anthony resist Lily's sensual lure? Or will his hunger make him lose control?

Lily has always rued her impulsive nature. Never more than when her defiance led to an accident, which paralyzed her sister. Afterward, she decided if her sister would never marry, neither would she. Yet she wants to experience lovemaking. So, when Anthony courts her, she devises a plan to seduce him. But she fears she's falling in love. Then she discovers Anthony's attentions were all part of a pact with her father…

The Secret Soldier by Jennifer Morey

The powerful stranger broke down the door and saved Sabine O'Clery from the terrorists holding her hostage. But her secretive hero was forbidden from revealing his identity. Until enemy fire forced them to crash-land.…Of all the covert military missions, being stranded on a Greek island with a beautiful woman is one that Cullen McQueen never imagined. But their stay in paradise was all too fleeting. He had to take Sabine back to America, or risk blowing his cover and losing everything he'd fought for. Yet memories of one passion-filled night haunted him… and when danger followed Sabine home, the stealth soldier knew he would break all the rules to keep her safe forever.

Check these out and let me know what you think!

See you next week with trailers, author Lindsay Townsend, and more Fiction Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!


Renee Knowles said...

Wow, thanks for posting my blurb! I have been having such a great response to this book.

I just found out that Courting Trouble hit The Wild Rose Press bestseller list!



Tiffany James said...


You are most welcome!

That is amazing news about the bestseller list at TWRP. Congratulations! I can't wait to read Courting Trouble!