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Featured Author: Anne Krist

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Please give a warm Armchair Heroines' welcome to Anne Krist, today's featured author!

Tells us about your book, Burning Bridges.

Tiffany, thanks so much for letting me chat with your readers!

Burning Bridges is the result of hearing a news report while visiting my mom in Virginia. The reporter told of bags of mail decades old found in a mail carrier’s shed. I wondered what changes had taken place in people’s lives because they hadn’t received that a letter in one of those bags. I’d wanted to write a story involving Vietnam for a while, and the two components fell into place. The story for Burning Bridges came together quickly after that. Isn’t it the greatest feeling when the words almost write themselves?

Yeah, it's amazing! I love it when that happens. What are you working on now?

Right now I’m working on the first book in a series—my first series. I have to say, thinking in terms of multiple books is a little daunting. I’m more used to writing one thing at a time with one set of characters and then wham! I’m onto something else. In the first book, two old friends meet up again for the first time since high school. He doesn’t know she’s using him to forward a career goal—even though she loves him—and she doesn’t know he’s suffered with dyslexia all his life. That makes it sound kind of serious, but I’ve injected quite a bit of humor into it.

What do you think of being a published author?

Burning Bridges is my virgin book—that’s how Dee describes it, lol. (Dee is Anne's naughty "sister".) It feels wonderful to have it published! This book has been a very special part of me for a long time, and to have people read it now—and hooray! enjoy it—is an honor. I hope I uphold everyone’s good opinion with the next books.

Tell us a little about your sister...the naughty one. :0)

Dee—Dee S. Knight—and I are more than twins. It feels at times that we’re the same person. *G* Dee is hard at work finishing one project for Liquid Silver Books and another for Siren Publishing. The LSB story is a firefighter novella for a new series of theirs. The Siren project is so secret, she makes me close my eyes when she works on it, lol. But I have exciting news! I’m letting you know before anyone else—maybe before Dee, even. She and I are going to start a blog offering advice. I’m not sure who would ask the two of us for advice, lol, but surely we can find enough desperate people to handle a question a week or so. I’ll answer the question from my sweet, decent point of view and then Dee will give her saucy, naughty opinion. I can’t wait to give it a try!

I can't wait to give it a try! I have a whole list of questions...Do you have any hobbies you enjoy when you aren't writing?

I love reading, though I don’t consider it a hobby. I like needlework and crochet, and I love to cook and bake. But of all those, the only thing I have much time for is reading. These days, my favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations.

I'm with you on that one! I suppose when the local pizza joint recognizes your number and answers the phone with, "Hello Mrs. James, would you like the everyday "usual" or the Tuesday usual?", it's gotten a bit out of hand! :0)

You have print and electronic books available. How do you think the two compare? Do you have a favorite format? Have you had more success in one format versus the other?

I’d heard of electronic books years before I started writing. Hubby bought me an e-book reader for Christmas in 2000 and I fell in love with it. For the first time, I could read in bed and not disturb Jack (it was backlit), and sitting in a chair, I could read and hold a cup of coffee at the same time. But when I started writing, I had no idea publishers published e-books—isn’t that crazy? I was willing to buy them but hadn’t considered how they came about. I’ll always like print books. I have bunches of them sitting around the house right now waiting to be read. However, I do love e-books. I have to admit, it’s surprising to me to hear people say they have to hold a book to enjoy it. I guess I’m just easy to please. The joy of a book to me is in the characters and storyline, and I get that just as well from an electronic book. I wouldn’t say one format has been any more successful for me—they each have their own niches.

Interesting! I want an e-reader for Christmas. Now, for your random question: To carry on our Halloween theme started last week with Lee...Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, what's your favorite costume?

That Lee! Isn’t she a sweetheart??

Yes, she absolutely is!

And her book, The Twist, is great.

That's no joke!

And I know you’ve had Lindsay Townsend as a guest.

Yep - love her!

I just finished reading Flavia’s Secret and LOVED it!

It's sitting on my hard drive - waiting rather impatiently to be read! I read A Knight's Vow a few months!

But this Halloween question is Lee’s fault, huh?

Well, truth be told, it's mine because I asked her the question...but she answered it!

I’ll have to get her, lol. I celebrate by having candy on hand and I do answer the door, but I don’t dress up or go to dress up parties. The town where we live is Halloween crazy, though! Every house it seems has huge spiders crossing porch-width webs, witches flying from tree to tree, gravestones in the front yard or ghouls hanging from trees limbs. It’s amazing. They decorate for Halloween more than for Christmas.

Cool, I want to live there! I have a porch-width web and spiders crawling all over, too. :0)

Thanks so much for inviting me to blog with you Tiffany!

Thank you for being here, Anne!

Let us know what you think of Anne's interview and be entered to win one of two copies of Burning Bridges in e-form, as well as one copy of any Dee S. Knight book! How generous is Anne??!! And be sure to check out Anne's website at

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Lee Silver said...

Hi Anne!
Go ahead, blame the Haloween thing one me. I've got broad shoulders :) I'm thinking you and your naughty sister DEE should go as each other for Haloween!

Lee Silver
“Romance with a Twist”
THE TWIST, BookStrand #1 Bestseller

Lindsay Townsend said...

Hi Anne! Hi Tiffany!
Super interview!
Thanks for mentioning my 'Flavia's Secret' and 'A Knight's Vow'.

I loved 'Burning Bridges' - it kept me transfixed to my computer screen from the very beginning to its end!

Did you find it easy or tricky to write, Anne? I know with me that some books seem to 'flow' and some are more a labor of love.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Sorry - I see your Burning Bridges must have flowed -
I love the idea of your Anne/Dee Blog! Sounds great!

terrio said...

Hey there, Anne!

I didn't know you and Dee were going to start a blog. I can't wait for that!

And I want to hear more about this series. Details please.

Lynnsplanet said...

Terrific interview, Anne.

I espcially liked the pizza joke. Only it's no joke here. The first thing they ask for is my phone number. As soon as it pops up, they ask if I want my regular order. Of course, I say yes. I rarely deviate from the norm, unless of course, I want a double order of the norm. LMAO - did that once and he went silent for a moment.

About the series - yeah, it's daunting. I've found it easier to only think of each book as a stand alone and worry about making sure the tie-ins are there on revisions. Good luck with it.


Queenbethanny said...

Hi Anne!
I just voted for your book on the 2008 Fall Night Owl Romance
Reader Choice Awards
for Best Romance Books. Thank you for the interview.

Karrie said...

I enjoyed the interview, Burning Bridges sounds great

orelukjp0 said...

Hi Anne,
Loved your interview. Just wanted to say that I also love needlework and crochet but I do not like to knit. It seems to take longer to knit something. Crochet is so much faster. Congrats on Burning Bridges. Can't wait for your next book :)

tatertot374 said...

The interview was so enlightening. Thank you!!!

Eva S said...

Hi Anne and Tiffany,
greetings from a beautiful Finland! No Halloween here, I'd like to have.

Great interview, I'll put your books on my wishlist. This new series of yours interest me since my two daughters have dyslexia too...

Tara S Nichols said...

I second Lee's idea for your Halloween costume. Good one.

Your interview was one of a kind and a hoot!


Tiffany James said...


Ooooh! I love that idea.

Tiffany :0)

Tiffany James said...

Hi, Lindsay!

Great to "see" you. You are most welcome. Thank you for writing such wonderful stories!


Tiffany James said...


I totally agree! I want to hear more about what's on the burner for you, Anne!


Tiffany James said...


Thanks for stopping by! It's so good to hear I'm not the only one with a standing order at the local pizza joint.


Tiffany James said...


Glad you enjoyed the interview! Come back anytime. :0)


Tiffany James said...


Thanks for joining us today. Maybe you'll win a copy of Burning Bridges!

Tiffany :0)

Tiffany James said...


I admire you and Anne! The first...and only time I tried to knit, I had my fingers all tied up in the stitches. My husband had to cut part of the yarn - it was starting to cut off the circulation in my finger! Needless to say, I gave up on any type of craft that involves needles of any shape or kind!


Tiffany James said...


Love that name, BTW. Thanks for joining us! Glad you enjoyed the interview. Good luck in the contest.


Tiffany James said...


Helloooooo, clear over there in Finland! No Halloween there? Seriously? Do you have a fall holiday that you celebrate? Actually, is it even fall there now? I think I remember you saying you were entering a cold season.


Tiffany James said...


So glad to hear you enjoyed the interview! I'd pay good money to see the sisters switch for Halloween!


Marnee Jo said...

Hi Anne/Dee!

Great interview! I didn't know you liked to crochet too. Though, I don't do much of that these days between reading, writing, and well, being a mom.

I'm not a huge Halloween fan either, truth be told. I don't like being scared ever, so I sorta stay low this time of year.

Karin said...

I love the interview. I agree that the pizza information was interesting. I'm sure I've not gotten close to having my number recognized or having a 'usual' as I like to try a few different things.

Halloween is a fun holiday and I still enjoy it - probably because of my nieces and nephews.

Dina said...

Yes, I love Halloween and decorate my windows. Enjoy ALL costumes. :)

Michelle said...

This was fun interview to read and loaded with a lot of information...

DeeSKnight said...

First, let me say, I'm sorry I've been absent all day. I'm home with a horrible cold and have been flaked out in my recliner with my mom's comforter over me. I needed someone to pamper me!!! Where is a husband when you need him instead of hanging around all those times you don't? *sigh*

Anyway, thanks so much for visiting Tiffany and me today!

DeeSKnight said...

Bekki, it's the same here. We always order the same thing. Jack says he's in a rut...and he likes it.

I suppose thinking one book at a time is what I'll have to do. Thanks for the advice--I may be calling on you for moral support.

DeeSKnight said...

QUEEN BETHANY, thanks so much for voting for me! And thanks for dropping by to post a comment.

KARRIE, I hope you enjoy Burning Bridges when you read it. Right now it's my only Anne book, but it's one of my favorites in the Dee/Anne collection of books.

ORELUKJP0, I found the dsame problem with knitting--too slow! Crocheting just zips right along. I'll bet you're better at it than I am, though.

DeeSKnight said...

EVA, I sympathize with your daughters' problem. At least now dyslexia is a recognized problem and schools take steps to help. When Jack was in school, they thought if you couldn't read it was just because you didn't read enough, so they forced on you the very thing you couldn't do. He hated school! I hope your daughters have an easier time.

My character still suffers from low self-esteem in the story and will do almost anything to keep his secret. Does that mean giving up the woman he loves, though?

I'll be sure to let you know when the story comes out!

DeeSKnight said...

TARA, Lee was being a smart aleck and she knows it. ;)

Dressed as Anne or Dee, we're sure to frighten young children.

DeeSKnight said...

Hi MARNEE! Oh, Lady, there's so much about me you don't know, lol. And so much no one ever will... A woman has to keep a little mystery in her life. But about crocheting I'm an open book.

DeeSKnight said...

KARIN, thanks so much for stopping by. If you don't have the pizza joint recognizing your number, you just aren't old enough. ;) I was in my 40s before I reached that stage.

DINA, you need to live where I do. This town is Halloween heaven!

MICHELLE, I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview! Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry I was so out of touch!

Vanessa Hart said...

I had the privilege of reading BURNING BRIDGES while Anne wrote it and can heartily endorse it! It's a terrific, page-turning story.


MarthaE said...

Hi Anne-
Nice interview with Tiffany. Burning Bridges sounds good and I think I'll check out some of naughty Dees books too! I am definitely getting an e-reader so I can start reading the e-books I have,,, it takes me too long on my work computer, even if I am the boss!

kaisquared said...

Hi Anne, love the interview. I agree with you, no costume, concentrate on the treats!

Savanna Kougar said...

Wow! Anne/Dee ~ you don't need my measly comments.
Fun idea, though, you two giving out advice to the lovelorn and lonely -- oh, wait, wasn't that Ann Landers and her sis???
Yeah, the secret project, I can relate! Or...never mind the bad jokes.
I'd love to do a story for the LSB fireman anthos...but, gosh and darn, my fingers don't type fast enough!
Wonderful interview and take care of yourself.

Tiffany James said...

Marnee Jo,

Thanks for joining us at Armchair Heroines. Glad you learned something new about Anne!


Tiffany James said...


My kids are still young enough to enjoy Halloween...hopefully by the time they outgrow it, I'll have more nieces and nephews!


Tiffany James said...

Hi, Dina!

Glad you enjoyed the interview!


Tiffany James said...

Hi, Michelle,

Thanks for joining us! Glad to hear you enjoyed the interview. Sometimes I feel like I'm asking alot of the same questions, but there is basic info we need to know about our fave authors, right?!

Tiffany :0)

Tiffany James said...


That's the best part of Halloween...frightening small children! Just kids usually get the best scares in and I'm inevitably their victim.


Tiffany James said...


Thanks for stopping by! The weather in my part of Colorado is cold and overcast today - the perfect day for curling up with a good book & my computer. I may bust out Burning Bridges!


Tiffany James said...


My husband just got a new job as a "boss". He says the same thing - he thought he'd have more time to do what he wanted, instead he has more "to-do's" on his plate! :0)


Tiffany James said...


Treats are always good!

Thanks for joining us.


Tiffany James said...

Hi, Savanna!

Thanks for stopping by! Don't you have a new release this month?


BethRe said...

I like the premise of Burning Bridges sounds very interesting.

ddurance said...

Wow, look at all these comments already.

Anne, I'm a Halloween freak myself so I would love to know where you live that goes all out for Halloween. I'm going to have to add it to my list of places to visit during the month of October. It's a long list, but I just know that one of these days I'm going to get to do all the traveling I've been dying to do. LOL


Eva S said...

Tiffany, we do have a very beautiful fall right now, with everything in red, orange and gold, and a very blue sky. But the days are rather cold already and a little north from us the first snow has fallen...

No special fall celebrations, we have to wait for christmas... I envy you your Halloween, it would make the long months seem a little shorter..

Tiffany James said...


Hi! Great to see you at AH today.

Tiffany :0)

Tiffany James said...


I've had a major case of wanderlust lately...maybe all of the amazing romances I've been reading!


Tiffany James said...


Fall is my favorite time of year! We have some beautiful colors in Colorado right now as well. Our big peaks also have snow. No blue sky, though, it's overcast and cold...the perfect day for cuddling up with a good book! :0)

Stay warm in Finland! Hopefully doing some wonderful reading will help you pass the time until the holidays.



lindseye said...

Very interesting interview. Have not read Buring Bridges but will go look for it now. I enjoy Halloween but usually end up working that evening so I will take cany to work and miss all the little ones dressed up.

Renee Knowles said...

Hi Anne! What a fabulous showing! Great interview. Love that you can crochet. I've always wanted to do it.

Burning Bridges sounds fab! It's on my list. And the cover is wonderful.

Thanks for sharing with us.


Savanna Kougar said...

Tiffany, thanks for asking about a release. No, not this month, darn. But Black Cat Beauty is on the Coming Soon forum at Liquid Silver Books.

Dena said...

Hi Tiffany, I enjoyed the interview with Anne. Her book sounds really good. I can't wait for the blog with Dee!

DeeSKnight said...

Thanks for stopping by, Nessie! You not only read Burning Bridges, you critiqued it--thanks so much!

DeeSKnight said...

Hi, MARTHAE. Thanks for posting. On behalf of Dee and me, I hope you enjoy both genre of our work!

DeeSKnight said...

KAISQUARED, we are of one mind when it comes to costumes! But I do love seeing all the kids dress up. Another thing this Halloween-crazed town does is have an open house for all the costumed childrenn the Saturday before the big day. They Trick-or-Treat from store to store. It's great fun.

Guess what. The cat's name in Burning Bridges is PI SQUARED.

DeeSKnight said...

Savanna, you're such a sweetheart!! Thanks for stopping by.

And guess what? My fingers haven't been any too fast on the fireman book, either. :(

DeeSKnight said...

BREATHRE, I hope you enjoy Burning Bridges when you read it! Thanks for posting.

DEIDRE, come to the Chicago area--they are Halloween nuts around here!

DeeSKnight said...

I hope you enjoy Burning Bridges, LINDSEYE! Thanks so much for posting.

RENEE, believe me, if I can crochet, anyone can. Maybe you just need someone to show you the basic steps? My grandmother taught me, though she was a far better crocheter than I'll ever be.

DENA, that blog is going to be very soon--like in the next month or so. Are you a newsletter subscriber? You'll surely hear about it if you are. If not, why not check on Dee's site for how to sign up?

Thanks, all of you, for posting!!

TamiC said...

First off I have a few thank yous to send out. Dee thanks for the newsletter invite glad I got to come by! Tiffany thank you for having Anne as the featured author, was great reading the blog. Last but not least thanks to Anne for taking the time to talk to us all. LOL I guess I just had thanks because I don't have any questions right now!! Have a wonderful day.

Tiffany James said...


Thanks for joining us! If you haven't found Anne's book yet, there is a link to purchase it from Bookstrand at the bottom of Anne's feature. Or maybe you will be a lucky winner later today!


Tiffany James said...


Hi! Thanks for joining us today.


Tiffany James said...


I'll be watching for Black Cat Beauty! Maybe you can come back for a feature?! :0)


Tiffany James said...


Great to have you here with us. Thanks for stopping by!


Tiffany James said...


You are most welcome! I'm glad you stopped by even without questions. I love to hear whatever is on your mind! :0)