Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why do you love romance?

Current Read: Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole

Why do you love romance? I blogged about why I love it over at the Mamawriters blog. Stop by and let me know why you do!


Chiron said...

Alas, some blogs will not take my comments and often end up in the spam filter--you can check there for it. *rueful grin*

OR--since I was clever enough to copy it and paste it here, you can always post it for me!

Hi Tiffany!

Happily married woman reporting in here. *grin*

For me, I pick the genre to suit my mood. Sometimes, I need a gritty thriller to jump in because I'm edgy and crave some kick-butt action to work it off. *heh-heh* Mysteries are appealing when my mind needs a work-out, rather like a literary crossword puzzle.

Romance is heart candy. That warm fuzzy glow is soothing, uplifting and inspiring. Chocolate treats wrapped up in a lovely story. So I crave romantic novels often if I need a lift or a reminder that happy endings can occur. Yet everytime I read a good romance, I sigh happily and yes, I fall even more in love with love (which translates to my wonderful hubby).

Great post! Just last night I finished a short story by Donna Marie Rogers--Welcome to Redemption, and felt warm and fuzzy all over again!!

Chiron O'Keefe
The Write Soul:

Tiffany James said...


Haha! You are one smart cookie, and since it takes one to know one *wink*, I answered your comment here and on Mamawriters! Thanks for the extra effort so that I could reap the benefits of your wisdom.

I do the same - pick a book to suit my mood. I love that: "Chocolate treats wrapped up in a lovely story". That would make a great tagline, BTW.

I'll have to check out Welcome to Redemption. I'm always up for a "warm and fuzzy".

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!