Friday, April 8, 2011

Support A Good Cause

So, this isn't necessarily related to the romance genre but I felt it was worth the post. So bear with me for a few paragraphs...

J.A. Konrath is offering a $500 donation to First Book if his book, TRAPPED, written under his pen name Jack Kilborn, reaches the Top 100 on Kindle. He'll donate another $500 if it hits the Top 20. He's even dropped the price to $0.99! So, if you're a lover of horror in addition to romance and you want to support a good cause click here to order TRAPPED from Amazon.

Read J.A.'s original blog post and a Q&A with First Book here.

No need to worry if you don't yet have a Kindle or other electronic reading device. You can download Kindle for PC from Amazon for FREE. I've been using it (as I haven't saved enough pennies yet to purchase an e-reader) and it's working well.