Friday, May 30, 2008

Curl up in your favorite spot...and read!

Current Read: Almost finished with Going Topless by Renee Knowles...I should have saved it for June because it is smokin' hot!!

Aaahhh, summer is almost here. The patio furniture is out, the fountain is running and the garden is in bloom. Do you know what that means? I have my favorite reading spot back!

It is conveniently situated beneath an awning out of sight of prying eyes and next to the calming sound of gurgling water in the form of our backyard "stream". I can curl up, tuck my legs underneath, a cold glass of green tea or lemonade in hand, and lose myself in a great summer read. It is even better when an afternoon rain storm moves in. Everything cools off, the air is pungent with the scent of fresh, clean rain and moist plants. Mmmm, nothing better! I have many memories of summer days spent like this…

Of course, my peace is periodically (and somewhat obnoxiously) interrupted by fighting children or, more often, bored and whining progeny. So I reluctantly get up from my favorite spot and lovingly tuck a scrounged piece of scratch paper into the book, a promise to return again soon…as soon as absolutely possible! :0)

So, where is your favorite place to read?


Renee Knowles said...

I love to read in bed or curled up on the sofa. Really anytime, anywhere is good!



Tiffany James said...


I know how you feel. I definitetly have those days when I would be happy reading standing up in the shower, if only I could have a few quiet moments to settle in with my current read!


Kerrie said...

My favorite place to read is in my backyard by the water feature my husband built--complete with a waterfall, trickling stream and a pond.

Tiffany James said...


Thanks for stopping by AH! There is definitely something about the twinkling sound of a meandering stream that adds to my reading experience!